Creating virtual subdomain with htaccess


In order to create a virtual subdomain in PHP, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
– enabled Apache’s Mod_rewrite module
– existing wildcard DNS record
– properly configured .htaccess file
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Creating SSL enabled website on Apache/Linux


This post describes how to quickly enable SSL on Apache and create SSL enabled website on Apache/Linux environment. In this post I assume that apache2 is properly installed on your linux server, and you’re running a Debian or Ubuntu distribution of Linux.
A quick reminder: SSL enabled website is just another web service (more precisely, virtual host), that is running on a port different than a standard http port 80. Typically, port on which are SSL enabled websites running is 443, and address usually begins with https://… instead of usual http://… on a regular website.

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Moving MySQL databases to ramdisk in Ubuntu linux


This post describes steps required to tranfer MySQL database files to RAM by using ramdisk on Linux. If you ever had to work with symfony and frequently rebuilding database schema, this could come in handy…
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